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Terms of Use

SHOEI Website (, hereinafter called "Website") is managed and operated by SHOEI Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called "SHOEI") or a certain firm whom SHOEI entrusted. Please go through followings before use.
  • • We do not guarantee that information in Website is accurate, latest or useful for our customers although strict checking is performed before the information is published in Website.
  • • We do not take any responsibility for any damage including damage in PC or network caused by our customers’ use of Website.
  • • We change or delete Information published in Website without prior notice in principle. We may suspend or terminate Website owing to unavoidable circumstances. And also, we may change URL without prior notice.
  • • We do not take any responsibility for any damage of our customer caused by change or deletion of Website or suspension or termination of Website.
Contents published in Website such as documents, pictures and sounds are protected by intellectual property rights, concerned treaties and acts of many countries. It is prohibited by law to copy or divert without SHOEI’s consent.
If you like linkage to SHOEI Website, please go through followings carefully.
  • • We do not take any responsibility for damage caused by your linkage to Website.
  • • Any linkage which may infringe SHOEI’s rights or disturb SHOEI’s operation is strictly forbidden.
  • • Any linkage from any website which includes any of followings is strictly forbidden.
    • • Contents which are prejudicial to public morals
    • • Unlawful Contents
    • • Contents for Adults
    • • Contents which slander SHOEI or its products
    • • Linkage using frames or other methods which may confuse SHOEI Website
  • • Linkage to Website does not create any contractual relations between you and SHOEI.
  • • Linage to Website does not mean that SHOEI provides you any rights related to information on Website such as texts, pictures, sounds and all information published in Website.
  • • When it is found that you violate any of above and SHOEI requests deletion of linkage, please comply with the request.
  • • Web Banner for Linkage
    Please download any of web banner for linkage to Website.
    Please do not change size or shape of web banner. Please do not use web banner as a part of other image.


Website renews information on news release using technology called RSS. You can read renewed information easily at any time by using RSS reader or Web browser corresponding to RSS for subscription of RSS.
  • • Such as software as RSS reader for indication of renewed information of contents corresponding to RSS. There is such software where registration can be made easily by clicking RSS icon of page which you like to subscribe or Web browser software equipping RSS reader function. Please register RSS on these readers.
  • • Please understand that we cannot answer to individual question on how to use RSS or query on software such as RSS reader.
  • • We do not guarantee this service to be continued for future. Please use on your responsibility because service may be suspended or URL of RSS is changed due to any reason of system. And also, service may be suspended temporarily without prior notice for maintenance of system.

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