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J-FORCE II, Open Face Innovation

J-FORCE II development started from such question that what performances are required to open face helmet. Shell is newly designed to hold high safety, light weight and prominent aerodynamics. 3D Full Support Inner III, newly designed interiors, guarantees safety in any speed and comfortable fitting. And also, newly designed "Wing Vortex Ventilation" together with "Super Flow Dual Liner" has substantila cooling performance. All of these performances superior to those of conventional open face helmet constructed new standard of open face helmet. New Standard of Jet J-FORCE-II - Open Face Innovation.

Main Characteristics of J-FORCE II

Wing Vortex Ventilation

Vortex ventilation which is favored for high air exhaust perforamcne using negative air pressure progressed to "Wing Vortex Ventilation". Rear wing increases velocity of riding wind and improve negative pressure by 20% (measured in in-house wind tunnel experiment). It exhausts hot and humid air effectively in all the speed range from low to high speed. and also, this wing shape improved aerodynamics of J-FORCE II to realize stable and comfortable riding in high speed ride.

Air Outlet

Air outlet is placed at rear end of rib which enhances rigidity of J-FORCE II shell utilizing negative air pressure of riding wind. Ventilation performance of J-FORCE II has become superior by adding this air outlet to improved air intake and outlet.

Q.R.S.B. + CJ-1 Shield System

Shield system of J-FORCE II consists of "built-in mechanical shield" and Q.R.S.B. which are already well known in SHOEI's full face and open face helmets. When shield is closed, its flush surface form decreases air resistence and restrains wind noise substantially. And also, newly applied "shield side stopper" restrains rolling-in of wind from bottom end of shield to keep shield stable in high speed riding. Target in development to perform wind protection in high speed riding in same level as full face helmet is realized.

3D Full Support Inner III Type J

Fit is important factor of comfort. For J-FORCE II, full review of liner's shape resulted in development of Super Flow Dual Liner which is more similar to shape of human head and equipped with high ventilation performance. Further, based on 3D Full Support Inner III developped for full face model, 3D Full Support Inner III Tyep J was newly developped as inner pad for open face helmet to promise best fit. This 3D Full Support Inner III Tyep J consists of 3D thermo processed top pad, crown pad and 3D processed polyurethane foam whose shapes were decided from deed study of comfortable hold point. it holds head firmly and evenly wrapping around the head. System for equipping interiors is Q.R.I.P. system which has been favored as interior system realizing easy removal and easy maintenance. As optional items, interiors of different sizes and defferent hardness are in line-up. Just fir interiors for each individual user can be realized.

Super Flow Dual Liner

SHOEI's own Dual Liner Ventilation System (D.L.V.) consists of 2 layers of liner and air route in between. Based on D.L.V. Super Flow Dual Liner was newly developped improving location and shape of air hole as well as equipping air route to inner surface of liner. Newly developped Upper Ventilation, Wing Vortex and 3D Full Support Inner III Tyep J together realize top class cooling performance experienced clearly even in low speed riding.





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  • Bag
  • Maintenance Kit
  • Hyper Dual Liner
  • Shield Misting Prevention Ventilation System
  • Wing Vortex Ventilation
  • Q.R.S.B.
  • Fully Removable Interiors
  • 3D Full Support Inner III
  • Lightweight Model
  • AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix)

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