Motocross Helmet which Fascinated the World and Was Waited in Japan - To Summit of Everything

VFX-W, this totally new motocross helmet fascinated motocross riders of the world not only in U.S. upon release for overseas market earlier than in Japan.
Innovative shape and safety not experienced in the world before and realized by SHOEI.
A shape and safety waited by Japanese motocross riders are born now.

No. 1 Motocross Helmet recognized in U.S.

VFX-W received "The Best New Products of 2009" by "TRANSWORLD MOTOCROSS", motocross magazine representing America, home of motocross, and "Best Product Innovation of 2008 Award" of "MOTORCYCLE USA.COM" as well as other media in the world for its safety, design, performance.

Main Characteristics of VFX-W

Shell Design

Merger of Design as Sports Gear and Performances essential for Race

VFX-W's totally new designed shell adopts an aggressive and innovative design which was realized by accumulation of long experience and new technology of SHOEI. It has charms as sports gear and, at the same time, performance and safety as top motocross model. Eye port is designed wide enough considering fitting with goggle. Edge is designed on shell from sides to rear head portion to hold goggle strap in a proper position. Securing stable vision, its sharp shape is a design accent of VFX-W.


Firm ventilation performance is secured from low speed range.
Maintenance after race is also easy.

Ventilation is one of essential performances in off road riding with large volume of movement. Riding wind is absorbed to inside of a helmet from top end of eye port and forehead through visor effectively. Hot and humid air goes through air route within dual liner and is exhausted from V shaped outlets equipped in top head and rear head as well as neck outlet. Considering use in off road, these ventilation parts are integrated with shell for easy washing and maintenance.

Dual Liner System

SHOEI's own 2 layered liner realizes high impact absorption performance.

SHOEI's own dual liner system in 2 layered impact absorption liner is equipped. Impact absorption liner in proper hardness located in the proper area realizes high impact absorption performance. Impact absorption liner is equipped to chin bar also. Balance of comfort and safety in high level provides you with easiness to aggressive riding.


Multi-lateral performances required to visor is realized in high level.

New design of V-430 SLEEK VISOR matching to innovative shape of VFX-W was completed through repeated test ridings of top riders. With a basic performance to protect vision from mud in muddy conditions, movable area to adjust visor position against situation of course or a riding style was enlarged. For light colors as white, reflection avoiding sheet is supplied to avoid reflection of light from inner surface of visor to support concentration on riding.

Strong and Lightweight AIM+ Construction

Compact and Lightweight Shell corresponding to Violent Riding

Safety in high level required in off road riding is also secured. As a construction of shell, SHOEI's own shell construction of complex layers of preformed 3D organic fabrics on strong glass fiber called AIM+ is adopted. Its high rigidity, proper elasticity and light weight essential for violent off road riding satisfy requirements of JIS and MFJ easily. As for a shell size, exclusive shell is applied to XS size considering use by kids. To provide proper performance and wearing feeling in each product size targeting "compact and lightweight", 4 sizes are applied to shell.

3D MAX-DRY System Interiors

High Performance Interiors realizing Hold corresponding to Violent Movement and High Water Absorption and Quick Dry

3D shaped polyurethane pad developed for SHOEI top racing model is adopted to interiors of VFX-W to secure firm hold corresponding to violent off road riding. 3D processed pad fitting to a shape of human head wraps head evenly and realizes comfortable fit and hold against violent movement. "HYGRA", a new fabric in high moisture absorption and exhaust performance is adopted as fabric of interiors which touch skins directly to correspond to large volume of sweat. In bottom area of helmet, mesh material is used to be effective for large volume of sweat and drying after wash. All interior parts are fully removable. All parts are washable and may be replaced for easy fine adjustment of size. In color, fresh color arrangement is adopted using white color.

Nose Cover/Mud Guard

Newly designed nose cover in brave image is adopted.

Newly designed nose cover with brave open area is adopted. A filter is built-in to avoid invasion of dust, and metal mesh screen is added to avoid invasion of foreign object. Same as former models, nose cover may be removed by loosening screws for easy replacement or maintenance. Further, mud guard is supplied to avoid invasion of mud coming from bikes in front. It can be fixed and removed depending upon conditions or favor.


Helmet Removing System in Accident

When an accident happens during ride, there may be such case that a third party has to remove a helmet from a rider. E.Q.R.S. (Emergency Quick Release System) is a new system to support work to remove a helmet in an accident. Once you pull ring located in an inner side of chin guard, a helmet may be removed easily with minimum burden to a body of a rider.




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  • VFX-W

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  • Bag
  • Breath Guard/Mud Guard
  • Dual Liner
  • Fully Removable Interiors
  • 3D Full Support Inner IIIS
  • E.Q.R.S.
  • Lightweight Model
  • Aeroform
  • AIM+ (Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus Multi-Fiber)
  • Water Absorption and Quick Dry Fabric

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