Full-face with Excellent Comfort created by Total Balance

Elegant shape realizing streaming wind in a style.
Prominent performance to enjoy any riding scene from street to touring.
New standard of premium full-face is born now----.

Main Characteristics of QWEST

Silent Surface to Enhance Joy & Concentration for Riding

Not only during high speed riding but also in street riding, uncomfortable wind noise or unstable shaking disturbs concentration of a rider and affect seriously to a safe riding.
Aerodynamics of QWEST was realized by repeated test in SHOEI's own wind tunnel experiment facility and riding tests in U.S., Europe and Japan and guarantees prominent stability and quietness for motorcycles of various categories and various riding positions. Its performance results in a clear difference of fatigue after long time riding and provides you with a joy of riding. Its advanced style minimizes influence of a riding wind. A spoiler designed in rear head portion especially controls air stream effectively and restrains load to a rider. Steps of each component are eliminated to minimize uncomfortable wind noise. And also, to a circumference of a shield which often creates noise Q.R.S.A. system is applied to enhance close contact of a shield. Such an attention to quietness realizes a real comfort.

Pull Down and Press. Newest Shield System "Q.R.S.A. System"

SHOEI's patented system realizing excellent close contact of shield in addition to easy and firm fixing and removing of shield.
Variable axis mechanism with built-in spring is adopted. Double action of shield base improved close contact with an eye port when a shield is fully opened. Invasion or roll-in of wind from a circumference of a shield is avoided to restrain wind noise also.

Clear Vision

Wide and Natural Vision with Minimum Distortion
Fineness and safety realized by clear and Wide vision of QWEST.
Vertically and horizontally large vision is realized by a combination of "Q.R.S.A. System", the newest shield system, and 3D molded "CW-1 shield" with minimum distortion. A shield is made of polycarbonate which is strong enough against impact and guards your eyes from flying pebbles. Surface is hard coated to protect a shield from small scrapes. And also, its UV cut performance restrains fatigue of eyes.

Fogging Restrained during Bad Weather
Against fogging of a shield in bad weather or low temperature also clear and wide vision of QWEST contributes to a safe riding. Enclosed "Pinlock® fog-free sheet" with prominent anti-fog performance may be fixed to CW-1 shield easily. Clear vision of new sheet for CW-1 is enlarged to upper portion by 30% compared with previous model to improve a front vision in forward bent position.

Just Fit to Wrap around the Head Softly

Comfort performance of helmet essential for long time riding.
Even if bottom is wide for easy wearing and removing, comfortable and safe riding is not enjoyed if inside is narrow and hard or a helmet shakes during high speed riding.
Soft while wearing or removing, comfortable fit which makes you forget that you are wearing maintaining firm hold and not pressing your head even during long time riding.
To correspond to various sizes of heads, 6 sizes from XS to XXL are in line up. For interiors, 3D center pad, SHOEI's standard pad, is adopted. And, cheek pad with glasses slit is in layers of polyurethane foams of different hardness. Adjustment of size is easily made by changing a pad. Together with soft and comfortable raised fabric they realize perfect fit for premium helmet.

Ventilation to Create Cool Environment

Ventilation system of QWEST controlling temperature and humidity inside Helmet effectively and maintaining comfortable environment during Riding in summer or long touring
Fresh air absorbed from newly designed upper and lower intakes is supplied to wide areas of head through air routes within 2 layered impact absorption liner. Hot and humid air inside a helmet is exhausted by negative air pressure of top outlet. Sharp designed lower air intake absorbs riding wind from mouth area and distributes it inside a shield effectively for ventilation of air inside a shield in low temperature and high humidity.
A ventilation system integrated with a shell performs ideal ventilation and minimizes wind noise to support comfortable riding in any weather.

"AIM", Lightweight, High Rigidity and Elasticity High Performance Shell

"AIM", SHOEI's own shell construction created by complex layer of strong glass fiber and pre-3D formed organic fibers, realized light weight maintaining high rigidity. High performance shell which satisfies JIS requirements easily contributes also to quick movement due to its light weight and restrains fatigue in long time riding.





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  • Bag
  • Breath Guard/Mud Guard
  • Chin Curtain
  • Maintenance Kit
  • Pinlock® fog-free sheet enclosed
  • Dual Liner
  • Shield Misting Prevention Ventilation System
  • Q.R.S.A.
  • 3D Full Support
  • Removable Cheek pad
  • Lightweight Model
  • Aeroform
  • AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix)

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