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NEOTEC was born for a comfortable riding in any circumstances from a long touring to a daily city riding. NEOTEC is equipped with many new mechanisms such as QSV-1 Sun Visor which blocks strong sunshine effectively and Micro Ratchet made of stainless steel which tightens a chinstrap easily and firmly. In addition to these, NEOTEC has, of course, such attractions as high safety including comfort realized by craftsmanship and passion to own.

Pursuit of Comfort

QSV-1 Sun Visor

A sun visor is equipped to correspond to a strong sunlight promptly.

A built-in sun visor is adopted for the first time by SHOEI to correspond to a change of circumstances such as glaring sunlight. QSV-1 Sun Visor developed to eliminate a distortion is injection molded and made of polycarbonate. Being anti-fog hard coated in both sides, it conforms to both an European and American standard for sunglasses.
An opening/closing lever equipped in a left side of a shell is easy to handle by gloved hand. It is held in a fully opened position to prevent a sun visor to close unexpectedly by vibrations during a ride. An opening/closing lever and a sun visor are connected by a special wire realizing durability and reliability as well as easy handling.

CNS-1 Shield + QR-N Shield Base

Its own double action improves close contact with a shell and minimizes invasion of rainwater, wind and noise.

How can a fully closed shield be contacted closely with an eye port of a helmet?
CNS-1 Shield and QR-N Shield Base developed with NEOTEC press a shield to eye port by a spring and a cam. And also, a window beading which used to located in circumference of an eye port is in a shape to cover a shield base also. Bottom end of an eye port is double lipped. This improved close contact and minimizes invasion of rainwater, wind and noise substantially. A shield can be removed and fixed for easy maintenance in touring also.

PINLOCK® fog-free system

A widened PINLOCK® fog-free sheet covers almost all of a vision.

A fogging of a shield occurring in a winter's low temperature or during a ride under the rain disturb comfort and safety of a rider largely. PINLOCK® fog-free sheet standardized in NEOTEC is in the same type as that for CW-1 whose anti-fog performance is well recognized in X-TWELVE, SHOEIfs top racing model. Covered area is substantially larger than that for CX-1V and corresponds to fogging of an upper end of a shield.

Ventilation System

More effective air intake and outlet are in a design where attention is paid to easy handling also.

A ventilation system which maintains comfortable circumstance inside of a helmet and avoids decline of concentration of a rider as much as possible has been developed by SHOEI since early 1980s earlier than other manufacturers. Its technology has been improving always. An upper air intake whose cover works as a sliding shutter opened and closed easily by a gloved hand improved a ventilation performance substantially as a result of total review of interiors, an impact absorption liner and a shape of outlet. On the other hand, a fresh air absorbed through a lower air intake, newly designed considering effective absorption in real riding position, goes through a space for a sun visor and is exhausted through an outlet hole equipped in a rear portion of an upper air intake.


A longtime riding is changed to a comfortable time by quietness.

A wind noise conveyed to ears during a non-stop long distance riding in a high speed touring is really disturbing.
It is impossible to eliminate a wind noise 100%. In NEOTEC, however, in addition to restraining a noise occurring on a surface of a shell, a removable ear pad is adopted to restrain an echoing sound inside an ear space. And also, a bottom end of a cheek pad is thickened and gaps between each interior component and around a neck are made as small as possible.
A structure for quietness is adopted in each portion keeping necessary exterior sound audible to realize quietness in high level. Equipping an optional chin curtain in leather type restrains a wind noise further and improves protection against the cold. (Mesh type is standardized.)

3DFull Support Inner IV

A comfortable riding is supported by a firm hold and a comfortable fit.

SHOEI's own 3D Full Support Inner IV is adopted to interiors system of NEOTEC to realize prominent hold, high sweat absorption and quick dry performance and a comfortable fit.
3D heat formed pad in top head portion and circumference around the head are wrapped by polyurethane foam whose air-permeability and pressure are adjusted. A cheek portion is made of 3D shape sliced polyurethane foam to hold firmly.
As a fabric to cover these polyurethane foams, gHYGRA®h, a high performance synthetic fiber in high humidity absorption and quick drying performance, and nap raising fabric are adopted in hybrid to realize a soft touch while wearing or putting-off and a dry texture.





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  • Bag
  • Breath Guard/Mud Guard
  • Chin Curtain
  • Maintenance Kit
  • Pinlock® fog-free sheet enclosed
  • Dual Liner
  • Shield Misting Prevention Ventilation System
  • QR-N
  • Sun Visor
  • System
  • Fully Removable Interiors
  • 3D Full Support Inner IV
  • Micro Ratchet
  • Aeroform
  • AIM+ (Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus Multi-Fiber)
  • Water Absorption and Quick Dry Fabric

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