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Open-face Helmet with Innovative Sun Visor and Condensation of all Performances


QSV-1 Sun Visor

Equipped with Inner Visor which can be Opened or Closed Instantly
Corresponding to Strong Sunlight or Tunnel Immediately

Glaring sunlight in the morning and the evening and reflecting light from road surface or car disturb vision, hurt rider's eyes and cause fatigue. J-Cruise is equipped with smoke colored open/close type gQSV-1 Sun Visorh with minimum, distortion. It protects vision from strong sunlight and can be opened or closed easily by handling of lever against a change of weather or sudden change of lightness in a tunnel. It is an innovative open-face helmet in which a vision can be adjusted easily corresponding to conditions without having 2 shields of clear and smoke in touring.

CJ-2 Shield

Equipped with Newly Developed Shield restraining Distortion and Roll-in Wind

gCJ-2 Shieldh was newly developed as a result of pursuit of curvature with minimum distortion and reflection. A shield surface which is extended downward compared with CJ-1 realizes very natural and clearer vision by enhancement of optical performance with different curvatures and thicknesses partially in outer and inner sides. An unique design of a bottom end of a shield which is a key of J-Cruise's shape is designed to restrain rolling-in of a riding wind from the bottom.

Double Action Opening/Closing System realizing Enhanced Close Contact with Shell

Same as a shield, a shield base is also newly developed. Variable axis double action mechanism is adopted to an open-face type also. When a shield is closed, gdown & pressh presses a shield to window beading closely. And also, double lipped window beading improved close contact further. Comfort and quietness are realized in a really high level by restraining invasion of riding wind, rainwater.

PINLOCK® EVO lens (option)

Fogging is prevented while raining or cold.
PINLOCK® EVO lens for Open-face

PINLOCK® EVO lens which prevents fogging of a shield is newly adopted to an open-face helmet. PINLOCK® EVO lens for CJ-2 covers up to top end of a shield to avoid fogging of top end of a shield which disturbs vision during a ride. Furthermore, it is extended downward by about 8mm compared with a sheet for full-face to cover a larger vision of an open-face.

3D Full Support Inner IV

A fabric for interiors are a hybrid of high moisture absorption and quick dry HYGRA® and comfortable textured raised fabric.

Interiors are fully removable. 3D Full Support Inner IV with high hold and comfortable fit is adopted. Its proper depth realizes wrap-around-the-head fit and firm hold up to the cheek. For interior fabric, HYGRA® which is superior in moisture absorption and dries quickly and raised fabric are adopted in hybrid. Raised fabric is applied in the bottom for comfortable texture while HYGRA® is applied in the sweating forehead and cheek. Soft typed polyurethane foam is applied in an upper portion of a cheek pad to make wearing glasses easy and minimize invasion of noise.

Pursuit of Aerodynamics which may Contribute to Reduction of Wind Noise

Designs for aerodynamics are applied to J-Cruise such as aero-spoiler integrated to a shell and a shape of a shield.
All of these were designed through verification by wind tunnel experiment. A load to a rider during a ride is minimized and uncomfortable wind noise is restrained.




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  • Bag
  • Maintenance Kit
  • Shield Misting Prevention Ventilation System
  • Sun Visor
  • CJ-2
  • Fully Removable Interiors
  • 3D Full Support Inner IV
  • Micro Ratchet
  • Aeroform
  • AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix)
  • Water Absorption and Quick Dry Fabric

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