Light and Compact

New Model of Z Series which was reborn with Everything New including Shield System.
gLight weight and compactnessh, a concept of the series, is further advanced with lively aero-shape, highly effective ventilation system and comfortable and quiet interiors. Z-7, pure sports full-face with all above, creates a new world of sports riding.

*The photograph used above was taken outside Japan. When riding a motorcycle on public road, follow the traffic regulations and drive safely.

Compact & Light Weight

Compact & Lightweight

"Light and Small", an ideal shape of a helmet is realized.

"Compactness", one of Z series' concepts, is realized in a lively aero shape.
Shells are in 4 sizes adding exclusive shell helmet sizes of S and XS to make these smaller.
And also, every component is made lighter to achieve ultimate light weight as sports full-face. All of these realized an ideal compactness and light weight.

Aero Shape

Refined Aero Shape realizing both Design and Performance

High Speed Riding splitting an Air.
Together with a rider and a motorcycle, a helmet also attacks a wall of air.
Aerodynamics of a helmet affects directly a load on neck of a rider especially in high speed riding.
SHOEI improved aero shape firmer and more practical by repeating tests in large wind tunnel facility.


"Quietness = Comfort" experienced especially in Long Riding

A load on a rider in long time high speed riding is not only a wind pressure. A wind noise invading into a helmet disturbs rider's concentration and causes fatigue when it continues long time.
Aero shape and airtight shield system minimize occurrence of wind noise itself and airtight interiors block invasion of noise. And also, equipping removable ear pad in ear space of a helmet realized substantial decrease of wind noise.
Double and triple devices against occurrence and invasion of noise restrain rider's fatigue in long time riding substantially.

Shield System

CWR-1 Shield which secures Natural and Clear Vision

Newly developed "CWR-1 Shield" provides you with natural and clear vision with improved optical characteristics and minimum distortion realized by applying best and different radius and thickness in each area of a shield. And also, ribs on top and bottom of a shield improve rigidity of a shield and eliminate bending of a shield by wind pressure and twisting in opening or closing. High quality is realized also in airtightness in high speed riding and easy handling of opening and closing.

Pinlock® fog-free sheet which prevents Fogging of Shield

It is essential for comfortable riding to prevent fogging of a shield which occurs in low temperature or under rainfall.
Pinlock® fog-free sheet is standardized in Z-7.
It covers almost all of a vision prevents fogging and secures comfortable vision in every condition.

Further Advanced Shield Opening and Closing System

A shield system securing easy and firm fixing and removing as well as high airtightness in variable axis double action mechanism was also renovated in every aspect in Z-7.
Review of a spring ratio of shield base largely improved smoothness of opening and closing as well as airtightness in fully closed position. When a shield is fully closed, a hook located in rear side of shield nob is locked to a shell and avoids unexpected opening or motions of a shield by wind pressure maintaining high airtightness.


Comfortable fitting and firm hold realize high quality riding.

Comfortable fitting, essential to comfortable riding, is secured by interior system which is newly adopted in Z-7.
A shape or rigidity of bottom of shell may affect may affects tight feeling when wearing or removing a helmet. A cheek pad integrated with distinctive cut line in shell side softened tight feeling in wearing and removing, and improved easiness of motions around neck for rear checking. And also, 3D shaped polyurethane foam pad realized a cheek pad in high volume at the bottom which supports cheek softly and, at the same time, avoids invasion of wind or noise.
3D Full Support Inner Type IV is applied to center pad. While soft napping material is applied to an area which touches a skin in wearing or removing, high moisture absorptive advanced material is applied to an area where effective absorption of sweat is expected while wearing. It realized both soft fitting and comfortable wearing. And also, red mesh material is used partially as an accent to express sporty impression by grey and red colors.


It is very difficult for a third party to remove a helmet from a rider in an accident.
Exclusive tab is equipped to cheek pad of Z-7.
By pulling this tab, a relief party may remove a cheek pad and remove a helmet easily without hold on a cheek.

*When removing cheek pads for a usual maintenance, do not use E.Q.R.S. tabs.

Ventilation System

The more you ride, the more you feel wind and coolness.
Air intakes are placed in a center of forehead and both sides and riding wind is lead straight to inside of liner realizing high ventilation performance where a rider may feel wind even inside a helmet. Air outlets with spoiler performance stabilize a helmet in high speed riding and exhaust hot air effectively through 4 outlet holes.




  • Z-7
  • Z-7
  • Z-7

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  • Bag
  • Breath Guard/Mud Guard
  • Chin Curtain
  • Silicone Oil
  • Pinlock® fog-free sheet enclosed
  • Shield Misting Prevention Ventilation System
  • Air Stabilizer
  • QR-E
  • Fully Removable Interiors
  • 3D Full Support Inner IV
  • E.Q.R.S.
  • Lightweight Model
  • AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix)
  • Water Absorption and Quick Dry Fabric

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