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Totally Advanced New Standard of Sport Jet

Premium open face “J-FORCE” series is reborn in combination of SHOEI's continued pursuit of safety and comfort and sticking to details of design such as advanced aerodynamic performance which shows its real value especially in high speed range, ventilation which realizes ultimate coolness and edged shape.
J-FORCE IV creates new riding scene fascinating rider's mind.

Main Characteristics of Base Model J-FORCE IV

Compact & Lightweight

Light Weight and Compactness which Emphasize Open Feeling of Open Face
Especially for open face which requires fit in light and open feeling, compactness and light weight was pursued in J-FORCE IV.
For the best shell sizes, shells are in 3 sizes. Light weight of not only shell but also each component realized the most lightweight open face model of ours with a shield.

Beautiful Shape realizing Compatibility of Aerodynamics and Design

Sharp and edged design secures stability in high speed range

A rider in high speed attacking a wall of air is exposed to a large stress. An aero shape is designed based on data of repeated wind tunnel experiments and creates a spoiler shape by integration of sharp and edged shell and radically lined outlet parts. Aggressive and sporty shape is compatible with high aerodynamic performance. Stability in high speed restrains a rider's fatigue largely.

Ventilation System

Cooler Riding in Wind

Ventilation is a large characteristic of J-FORCE series. Making ventilation holes in the most suitable positions realized more effective absorption of air in J-FORCE IV. Ventilation in forehead consists of front air intake which leads riding wind to a sweated interior pad in forehead and cools both pad and head using heat of vaporization and upper air intake which passes riding wind up to rear head. Riding wind absorbed from 2 intakes is exhausted from top outlet and side air outlet and realizes highly effective ventilation performance in various scenes from low speed range to high speed range.
And also, side outlet with hexagon honeycomb pattern is standardized in certain colors and gives an accent to design.

Shield System

Restrained rolling-in of wind and improved close contact assure more comfortable riding

CJ-2 created natural and clear vision by improvement of luminous characteristics changing radius of outer and inner surfaces of a shield and thickness partially. It is adopted to J-FORCE IV also.
Compared with CJ-1, bottom end is extended. Unique edge design of bottom restrains rolling-in of wind from the bottom and, at the same time, improves quietness largely. Fatigue is restrained largely even in a long time high speed cruising.

Close Contact realized by Double Action Opening and Closing System

A shield base in variable axis double action mechanism secures close contact of a shield with window beading when a shield is closed through “down and press.” Improved close contact restrains invasion of riding wind or rainwater and controls occurrence of wind noise.
Shield lock prevents unexpected opening of a shield. A shield is locked when it is fully closed. It may be opened easily when left bottom area is a little widened and pushed up.


Fogging of a shield in difficult condition such as rain or winter disturbs safe and comfortable riding. PINLOCK® EVO lens, a newest version of PINLOCK® fog-free sheet which prevents fogging of a shield and secures clear vision, is standardized in J-FORCE IV. Not only securing wide vision of open face but also PINLOCK® EVO lens performs anti-fog effect higher than its former product and secures comfortable vision even in sudden change of weather.


Firm Fitting which Wraps Head comfortably and Proper Hold which Corresponds to High Speed Riding

Proper hold assures easiness of a rider especially in open face. Pursuing proper hold in high speed riding, we adopted a new interior system which creates comfortable fit. Newly developed cheek pad with innovated polyurethane foam and SHOEI's own 3D full support inner Type IV realize further improvement in fit, hold, sweat absorption and quietness to assure more comfortable riding.





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  • Bag
  • Silicone Oil
  • Pinlock® fog-free sheet enclosed
  • Shield Misting Prevention Ventilation System
  • Side Outlet
  • CJ-2
  • Fully Removable Interiors
  • 3D Full Support Inner IV
  • Lightweight Model
  • Aeroform
  • AIM (Advanced Integrated Matrix)
  • Water Absorption and Quick Dry Fabric

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