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How to Maintain Helmet


Hand Wash of Removable InteriorsMachine Wash of Removable Interiors

For Removable Interiors

Please wash removable interiors by hand or in washing machine. When washing in machine, please put interiors in washing net. Please replace interiors when they get flayed or cut.

For Fixed Interiors

Please wipe fixed interiors using neutral detergent added to water. If they are stained extremely, tap them by cloth dipped into cold or warm water with neutral detergent or shampoo.


Please handle EPS liner with care. It is weak against agent or heat. Please wipe it by cloth dipped into neutral detergent added to water paying attention not to scratch or make dent. If adhesive gets deteriorated and liner moves, please never use such helmet. It does not work for your safety. Although a liner cannot be repaired, it can be replaced. Please ask inventory for discontinued model.

Let us make helmet maintenance every month for long use. Scratch or trouble of helmet is discovered in maintenance. Please repair helmet once any trouble is found.

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