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How to Maintain Helmet

Shield and Plastic Parts

Please use neutral detergent.

Maintenance of Plastic Parts

To clean plastic parts, please use neutral detergent adding to water.

Maintenance of Small Components like Ventilation

Let us use tooth brush or applicator for small components like ventilation.

Apply silicone oil to mechanical portions.

Other Components

When mechanical components do not work smoothly, apply silicone a little after cleaning.

Warning for Cleaning

Please do not use petroleum agent. It deteriorates plastic. In use of home detergent, please refrain from using acid or alkali detergent or glass cleaner. Please use neutral detergent adding to water. Crack of plastic parts is caused by use of organic agent like cleaner.

Use of gasoline, thinner or benzene may cause cracks or melting.

Warning for Scratch or Breakage of Parts

Oh God. I cannot see.

A shield with scratch may prevent vision by rain or reflection of light. Please replace it quickly. Other components also are sold as options or replaced in repair. Please contact us easily.

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